CRC Strategic Plan Meeting - North Haledon

The Board of Trustees of the CNCNA has mandated the Strategic Planning and Adaptive Challenges Team (SPACT) to facilitate a fundamental reframe of the denominational ministry plan.  The team is asking for your voices and insights at a feedback gathering session at Covenant CRC in North Haledon, NJ,  This session will be held on Monday, October 28 from 7-10 pm.  The question which will guide the evening's discussion i this: "In light of the cultural dynamics within and outside the CRC - the dynamics of the world, the community, and the church/ministry in which you serve - where do you see the challenges for yourselves and the church?"  Identifying these challenges will help the SPACT in moving forward with the reframing of the denominational ministry plan.An article on a similar meeting held recently in Grand Rapids is here, and an overview of the whole process can be found here.