414th Meeting of Classis Hudson

On September 16-17, Classis Hudson will be gathering with our neighboring classis, Classis Hackensack, for our annual joint meeting. The purpose of our joint time together is fellowship, learning, and to hear from the ministries and agencies that we mutually support.

The Classis Meeting will be held at Unity CRC in Prospect Park, NJ, located at 339 N 11th St, Prospect Park, NJ 07508. Monday Evening’s joint session begins at 7:00 p.m. and will be led by the head of our joint Ministry Team (MAM), Ben Spalink. (Find out about Ben’s work and vision at www.joinnehemiah.org.) Tuesday Morning’s session will begin at 9:00 am.

Classis Hudson will officially convene for our 414th meeting later in the day on Tuesday.

Credential forms for delegates to the classis meeting can be downloaded below.

Advanced Notice: Installation Service at Cedar Hill CRC

The Council of Cedar Hill CRC has announced that Rev. Michael Johnson has accepted the call to serve as pastor at Cedar Hill CRC (422 Cedar Hill Ave. Wyckoff, NJ. 07481). The installation service will be held on Sunday, June 9 at 4:00 pm. All are invited to join in this momentous celebration! For further information, please contact the church office at Cedar Hill CRC if there are any questions.

Summary of Spring Classis Meeting
 The 413th Meeting of Classis Hudson was held Thursday, May 16 at Christ Community Church (East Islip, NY.). We thank Rev. James Lee and the Church Council for being gracious hosts. At the meeting, we spent time in prayer and discernment about the state of our churches with Mid-Atlantic Ministries leading our time. In addition, Rev. Daniel Choi (Love Global Vision Church) was approved of his Article 8 Examination, and Mr. Jason Romine was approved of his Commissioned Pastor examination. We thank the work of our interviewers as well as our Synodical Deputies. Classis also accepted the resignation of Rev. Mary Stegink as Stated Clerk and accepted the nomination of Rev. Jeremy Mulder as the new stated clerk. We thank Rev. Stegink for her faithful work for the past several years. If there are any questions or concerns about our classis, please contact the C.I.C. (Chair: Rev. K.C. Vande Streek).
Notice of Spring Classis Meeting

The 413th Meeting of Classis Hudson will be held on Thursday, May 15, 2019 at Christ Community Church (East Islip, NY.). At our meeting, we are tentatively set to undergo an Article 8 examination for Rev. Dan Choi (Love Global Vision Church) and a commissioned pastor examination for Mr. Jason Romine (Restore Church). As per our Winter Classis Meeting's decisions, we will also be spending some extended time of conversation and prayer for our local churches with Mid-Atlantic Ministries leadership. For further questions about our upcoming meeting, please contact the Stated Clerk or the Classis Interim Committee.

Eastern Korean Council Fellowship

IMG-9759The Eastern Korean Council (EKC) is a fellowship of Korean ministry pastors from Classis Hudson and Classis Hackensack that meet regularly to pray, support, learn and encourage one another. Through book studies and continuing education, this fellowship continues to better equip pastors in serving the local church in the Greater New York region and beyond.EKC met again on April 29, 2019 at Namu Church in Flushing, NY. EKC welcomed two new pastors who are in the process of undergoing Article 8 training to become affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church (CRCNA). EKC also celebrated Rev. E.H. Baik's 60th birthday together! For further information about the EKC, please contact Rev. Jason Chung.북미주개혁교회 (CRCNA) 동부 한인목회자 모임의 관련된 문의 하실 사항이 있으시면 정주성목사님께(나무교회 시무) 연락 주시길 부탁드립니다.