Summary of Winter Classis Meeting

50654685_10215863273268961_6634494848952958976_nThe 412th Classis Meeting was held on Thursday, January 24 at Love Global Vision Church (Clifton, NJ). The meeting met in regular session and discussed the report from the Queens Ad Hoc Committee,  and received reports from various denomination and classis agencies. Classis also approved  the name change for Calvary CRC to Great Hope CRC, and notified that there will be a special meeting for two Article 8 examinations sometime in the Spring. Classis will also be sending to Synod the request to accept the retirement of Rev. I.C. Choeh after 20 years of service. The following, 413th Classis Meeting will be held on May 16, 2019 at Christ Community in East Islip, NY.

Notice of Winter Classis Meeting

The 412th Classis Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 24 at Love Global Vision Church (Clifton, NJ). Meeting will convene at 9:00 am. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Stated Clerk or the Chair of the C.I.C.  

Eastern Korean Council Fellowship

The Eastern Korean Council (EKC) is a fellowship of Korean ministry pastors from Classis Hudson and Classis Hackensack that gather regularly to pray, support and encourage one another. Through book studies and continuing education, this fellowship exists to continue to better equip pastors to serve the local church in Greater New York region and beyond well. On October 22, EKC gathered to welcome Rev. Kwon Do Lee who was called by Love Global Vision to plant Vertical Church in NYC. The EKC also recognized Rev. In Chul Choeh and his years of service to Calvary CRC of Livingston as he approaches his upcoming retirement. The next meeting will be on Monday, December 10 at East West Church of New York. For more information, contact Rev. Joseph Byun or Rev. Eun Beom Kim.KakaoTalk_20181022_193314429KakaoTalk_20181022_201654632

Installation Service at Christ Community
On Sunday, October 21, James Lee was ordained as Minister of the Word and installed as the next senior pastor at Christ Community Church of East Islip. We pray for God's blessings in this new chapter at Christ Community, for James, his family, the council and the congregation. All glory and honor to our Lord!#ClassisHudsonFamily
Summary of Fall 2018 Classis Meeting

The regular Fall classis meeting was hosted by Midland Park CRC. There, we had the successful examination of James Lee, called by Christ Community Church to be their pastor. The ordination and installation is set for Oct. 21, 2018 at 4:00 pm. Rev. Kwon Do Lee also sustained his exam via Article 8, called by Love Global Vision Church to plant Vertical Church in New York City. The installation service is set for Oct. 21, 2018 at 11:00 am. Classis also voted to extend Rev. John Kuperus's eligibility for call. For further inquiries, please contact the stated clerk.